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Our Trainer -
The trainer at Rose Ridge Performance Horses is Heidi Bergmann-Schoch.       
      Heidi has been riding and showing since she was 12 years old. A
determined teen, she received her equine education from many sources,
which allowed her the ability to start riding and showing horses owned by
others by the time she was 16. After attending Virginia Intermont College
majoring in Equine Studies, Heidi took a hiatus from horses for an opportunity
to work in Law Enforcement. When Lymes disease forced her early retirement,
this misfortune turned into an opportunity to return to training horses.
Starting back into the Equine Industry as a free-lance trainer, Heidi had the
opportunity to again ride several disciplines. Young horses became her forte
and she was sought out by people needing young horses started as well as
finishing horses that had had their training begun by others. Horses that had
been mishandled also joined the ranks of her training string, finding the
educated approach to training comfortable and easy to understand. Her
clientele evolved into a majority who showed Quarter Horses. Having a broad
base in both English and Western types of riding, it was a logical evolution. In
2000, Heidi and her husband John built Rose Ridge Farm in Wrightstown, NJ
where she currently operates the base of her training.

"Not all horses can do all things. Face it, Danny DaVito will never be a world
class ballet dancer. He might be able to perform some of the movements, but it
doesn't mean he can do them well or without discomfort. I try to work with the
horses my clients come in with and train to both of their abilities. It's not always
easy. Sure, the first thing I could say to make things easier might be 'Sell your
horse, we'll get one for you that's better' but if you've already been working
with your horse and have a monetary and emotional investment, that would be
difficult for you. So unless it is obviously not in you or your horse's best
interest, we'll try to make things work. If it doesn't work out, if things don't
improve, then we'll discuss other options. Not every horse can be a good hunt
seat horse nor can every horse be a good western pleasure horse. But maybe
he can excel in one thing and still do passably well in the other. My goal, if
you're willing, is to make you and your horse as versatile as you can be. Push
the envelope, explore your options and don't get so obsessed with one thing
that you choke. "

Heidi currently serves on the New Jersey Quarter Horse Board of Directors
and is a member of AQHA
, NSBA, NJPHEA and PBHA. In 2007, she was
approved by the American Quarter Horse Association to become one of their  
AQHA Professional Horsemen, an elite association of trainers and breeders
who's ethical and training commitments are continuously scrutinized and held
to the highest standards.

In 2000, she and her husband John finished building Rose Ridge Farm in
Wrightstown, NJ. A comprehensive facility, it includes an indoor and outdoor
riding ring, numerous turnouts, and round pen. Her clients, both in training at
her farm and in training with her at their own farms, take advantage of these
facilities and are able to train year-round if they so desire.
Our Goals
Rose Ridge Performance Horses
About Us -
If you have a horse you've been showing
already, we'll help you improve yourself and
your equine partner to reach your maximum
potential, together. If the horse you have
now won't quite take you where you want to
go, we'll help you through the difficult
process of finding a more suitable partner
with in your budget. At Rose Ridge
Performance Horses, we're working for you.
We don't just have clients, we have friends.
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Heidi and "Paddy" loping through poles at the
Horse Park of New Jersey
Trail at Mullica Hill